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John Kielich

Principal, Water Street Advisors


John Kielich and John Weber spent over 4 years working together at Water Street Advisors. They still work together sharing connections, resources, and advice.

John Kielich, CPA as owner of Water Street Advisors brings over 30 years of experience assisting businesses to strategically develop and successfully implement corporate growth and succession initiatives.  He is an expert in all aspects of the M&A process and has participated in the evaluation of over three hundred acquisition candidates and the completion of more than fifty transactions.

Prior to founding Water Street Advisors, John held senior level corporate development and operation roles with two large publicly held companies in different industries. He has been responsible for strategic planning and led the implementation of a significant restructuring project. Additionally, in 2007, John started and successfully ran an M&A advisory division for a regional CPA firm.

John currently serves on the board of the Wisconsin Chapter of MBBI and is a past president. He also served as a member of the Illinois MBBI board

John Kielich